Below is a collection of projects that I've been involved in that have turned out particularly well and I enjoyed working on.

Headphone Holder
I've been experimenting with 3D-printing for a few years, but until recently I hadn't found a project worthy of continuing my study – the complex shapes and solid construction of this piece make this an ideal fit.

Once polished, this idea is destined for Kickstarter.
This experiment is a fusion of my passions: an open cloud, data mash-ups, CSS3 @font-face typography and Sparklines.

Daily market capitalization information is pulled in from Yahoo and the value of the fund is calculated according to the member companies. Sparklines are generated for the closing price of each ticker symbol to visualize relative performance.
I started experiementing this plugin when I started to deal with several internationalization issues. Text translated into Italian, Greek and German from English is often much longer than the original. After much copy and pasting from Google Translate, I decided to make a plugin to accomplish this task. I try to turn over a mockup in one of these languages to the devlopement team for my current projects.
I recognized a need to graphically document my usability tests for efficient sharing of information with my collegues. This code can be used to track web-based remote and on-site user testing. Mouse tracking data tells you what a user did, but not why. I'm still working on effective ways to pair this data with the heatmaps produced.
Collaboration Study
During the Dell College Design Lab of 2014 project, my team realized we needed a better way to document how group collaboration was laid out. Our initial ethnographic photo research determined that groups were often working in the same space together but not actually collaborating on their work.

This research method allowed the team to discover that the top two negative factors were 1) laptop screens distrupting visual communication and 2) the shape of the work surface.
Childrens Cleaning Scrubber
I started experimenting with the practical side of children's toys: How can friendly, well-designed toys be used to help foster good habits?

A series of crude prototypes were cast in resin in silicone molds to test the durability of the concept. Features of the face act as hand-holds in a wet environment. Ideally, the finished product would be injection-molded and available in many different "hair styles".