Interaction Design

At Rackspace, I'm part of a team of 6-8 designers that work on Rackspace's OpenStack clouds and control panels. Our design teams do it all — research, interviews, wireframing, usability testing, interaction design, visual design, functional prototypes, process flow, support experience and much much more. Unfortunately most of this work is proprietary. I'm deeply familiar with designing for OpenStack Compute, Storage, Image Service, Network, Identity and more.

I believe strongly in iteration through prototyping and strive to create an appropriate fidelity prototype as needed for every project I complete. We test these prototypes inside the company, with existing users, and with non-customers.

Below is a collection of projects that I've been involved in that have turned out particularly well and I enjoyed working on.

I worked with a world class design and engineering group to rebuild Rackspace's Cloud Control Panel from the ground up. We do it all: user research, sketching, wireframes, prototyping, visuals, interaction, API design, user testing and more.
Build a Fund is a self-service application that allows anyone to create their own mutual fund. This project was the next evolution of The OpenStack Fund — productizing fund creation — to allow a public landing page for any fund. Encouraging fund creators to share why a stock is included fosters a fundamentally deeper, more sophisticated and engaging experience.
I designed and developed a service to leverage CDN statistics inside of a proven analytics platform, Google Analytics. The service allows you to create reports on your Top Files, Top Buckets, Top Pages, Top Countries, and overall traffic. A thin web-app allows you to select which AWS bucket contains your logs and what hostnames run Google Analytics.
The new version of Rackspace's mobile webapp was an immense improvement over the previous version. It supports email, calendaring, contacts, notes and tasks across all of the major mobile browsers. I was responsible for the research, design and experience work on this project.
My concept for this challenge revolves around the idea that a user's daily browsing represents only a few key tasks or objectives.

Shouldn't the browser provide you with a way to easily group all of the tabs and windows related to your current task? This app groups related tabs together and offers several options to restore all or parts of your session. I designed the desktop and mobile experiences.
I've worked with a talented team of designers to shape the experience of the Rackspace Email Webmail app. I've done extensive prototyping and usability testing on new features. Internationalization, wide-ranging customer personas and the extreme importance of business email make this product a unique design challenge.