Build a Fund

Build a Fund tracks the value created through unique market segments over time. I believe this the most compelling metric to measure innovation and leadership within the NYSE and NASDAQ. My experience with The OpenStack Fund showed me how tremendously insightful this style of analysis could be.

Build a Fund also serves as my personal cloud computing playground. The application utilizes most Rackspace Cloud services: 3 Cloud Servers (1 dev, 2 prod), 1 Cloud Load Balancer, 1 Cloud Database, Cloud DNS, Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Files CDN. Using these products together in a real production environment gives me valuable insight about our customers' experiences and gives me an output for my development skills that I don't get to use every day.

After market close, daily results from the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges are imported into a MySQL database. Analytics jobs are automatically run to rank each fund and determine its change in value. Global rankings of all funds within the system are calculated and displayed on the homepage unless the fund owner has opted out. Data is passed from the front-end to the backend via JSON for maximum flexibility for future changes.


Buid A Fund Homepage

Toolbar allows easy access to manage your funds. Especially helpful when you are viewing another user's fund and get inspired to make changes to your fund.

Call to action changes from "sign up" to "manage" when you are logged in. Further customization based on state will be pursued in the future.

Daily and weekly rankings showcase existing funds and inform new users how other funds are structured.

Data loads asynchronously because it is the only dynamic content. Flexiblity to "live update" in the future.

Visual guide of the steps required to build your first fund.

Fund List

Buid A Fund List of Funds

Toolbar format transforms when you are in the management area to be wider and larger.

"View All Funds" link provides globally accessible way to cancel and get back to the list.

Creating a New Fund

Buid A Fund Create a New Fund

Editing interface contains preview of the address you are choosing.

Autocomplete has a complex matching algorithm that determines if you are looking for a ticker or a name and ranks the matches according to a relevancy score.

Editing a Fund

Buid A Fund Fund Manager

Domain setup instructions appear if you have chosen to use a custom domain.

Added companies match the autocomplete style for enhanced comprehension of the "add stock ticker" action.

Save button is always visible.

Fund Profile Page

Buid A Fund Profile

Toolbar transforms when viewing one of your funds. Manage a fund directly form its profile page.

Fund description and overall performance are available at a glance.

Explanation of why this company is a part of the fund.

Graph of this company's performance since joining the fund.