Redesigning the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel

As part of the core design team for the Rackspace Cloud, I made significant contributions to the entire cloud portfolio, as well as setting the direction for the foundational design strategy. I delivered hundreds and hundreds of visual mockups, wireframes, process flows and every other type of design deliverable. I worked closely with ~20 front-end developers to make sure our interactions were implemented correctly and on schedule. Our team was proud to deliver the correct level of fidelity and complexity for new features, whether they were minimum viable products or signature interactions within our application.

A few of my largest contributions are listed below. Most of this work will remain private, but examples are available upon request.

Key Contributions

Redesign Concept

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Core team member that developed a concept in August 2011 that consisted of 5 screens. Used as the foundation for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012.

Pattern Library

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Curated and documented patterns that were developed during the redesig process.


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Determined the appropriate fidelity and executed many successful prototypes. Supported concepting, usability testing and stakeholder buy-in.

Usability Testing

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User testing proceeded all major product releases within the control panel. Participated in recruiting and screening users, task planning, running tests and documenting results.

User Research

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Conducted and analyzed 20 customer interviews to form our Mental Model of cloud users. Applied to strategy, IxD, microcopy and more.

Concept Wireframing

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Developed wireframes that help flesh out product direction, feature scope and informed API design.


These tweets are positive and negative reactions to products that I have helped to design. These public displays resonate with me because they are outside proof that our design was successful or that it failed a user in certain scenarios.